Battlescars or Burn Out Signs? The Real Value of Elohell Suffering

While it is true that in any game, one is more highly regarded if and when he or she has earned every accolade on his or her own. In League of Legends, the same could be said of every player. One of the phases in the game, the dreaded elohell, hazes everybody who goes on ranked games. Braggarts who would troll and say how easy everything has been are braggarts and are in no way carriers of the most valuable ideas, not to mention, they might well be one of the people who constitute elohell. So what’s really in store? What’s the deal? Why go through elohell, if you can choose not to? The answer? It’s not part of the game design. It’s not necessary. Elohell is not something you glory in after beating it on your own. There are no battle scars you can brag about and feel good with. It’s a thankless ordeal and nobody appreciates your valorous way out of it.

How then do you beat elo hell with ease? Simple. Through an eloboost. What’s an elo boost? A boost is a service marketed by forward thinking internet entrepreneurs who know that League of Legends has this infamous stage called elohell. The main service is delivered by Diamond boosters, who are of course the most qualified to do the job. The prices for these services do seem high, considering that somebody is just going to have to play but play here is not play like we know it. What makes this whole thing different is that it’s all going to be played professionally. And when we say professionally, it’s not a leisure activity for the booster; it’s a job. And when it’s a job, it’s not something they dilly dally in. It’s something they do whether or not they’re in the mood. They’re paid that seemingly pricey professional fee, when in truth it is reasonable. The result is your division and tier or number of wins delivered to you in a business like way. So yes, they do play their way to make it happen but certainly not in a leisurely way. They do the whole thing professionally.

Elohell is human made. As to what apprehensions one might have towards a likewise human made solution, it’s irrational. And seeing that there is boosting, which is your ticket out of elohell. And off you go to play the real matches in high elo worthy of your time and effort. Do well there and get the accolades. That’s the place to get it.